Dec 11, 2012

To the other coast and back...again.

We took a two week trip to Boston around Thanksgiving- Taylor had a conference the week after so the little and I tagged along to enjoy our old stomping grounds and visit my sister and her family (who moved there just a couple of months after we left). See how cute they are-

Can you believe that in the 3 years we lived there we never made the short trip down to NYC? What is wrong with us? So, we made sure to do it this time around. Here's the evidence:

There were only a few things we really wanted to do. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was one.
We've heard that trying some NYC pizza is a must, and eating it at Grimaldi's on the Brooklyn side of the bridge is highly recommended. I was very much not impressed.
 It was crowded and the pizza was- dare I say- terrible.
Don't worry, it's just water. 

 Yes, I hauled my big camera around and yes, I took pictures with it. But yes, all of the photos above except one were taken on Taylor's phone. He just had them all so nice and ready to be put on the blog. Yes, I am lazy.


  1. Yay! I found your blog. It was so fun seeing you again. Santa Barbara looks amazing in your posts.

  2. I agree that pizza in NYC is overrated. But underrated? Italian restaurants. I love NYC, lucky you that you had a visit around the holidays.

  3. Your little guy is absolutely adorable! Happy New Year!

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