Jan 17, 2013

Starting off the new year

I felt like it was time to blog, but I'm not entirely sure what about. I won't deny it, I've grown bored of blogging. And just busy I guess. I prefer to look at blogs than to write my own. I don't know how people do the mom thing AND have some fancy popular blog that they have to keep up. I don't feel like quitting, I will just have to approach it differently. But you know what I won't do- pretend my life is all candy and roses. Because those blogs are annoying.

What I will tell you is how December felt like one of the worst months ever. I had a serious case of the mommy doldrums. I couldn't get that twinkle in my eye and say oh yes, I just love being a mother. Of course I love my child, but sometimes it just wears on you, right? And I've been able to realize things that I am just not good at, even though I always thought I would be once I was a mom. Like coming up with little games and learning activities. And I was just bored to death of  them all and the daily routine. Our three week vacation over the holidays was a very nice break, and I've returned feeling refreshed and motivated to make some changes. And, I'm feeling much happier so far this month.

I haven't given up on my Happiness Project, though I have not been as attentive as before. I've realized that this sort of project, just as she did it in the book and as I have been doing, is not the most conducive at this point in my life. We've moved, we've traveled a lot, so many changes that it's hard to have so many goals to build upon each other when life is ever changing at this stage. BUT, I wouldn't say that it hasn't worked. I definitely made new strong-holding habits from when I first started, and the more recent goals are often pervading my thoughts even if I'm not as dedicated to making them happen. I think I will do one more month, and then wrap up my 5 months worth of Happiness Project (that ended up spanning a year). Then I will have to focus on a smaller set of goals to continue working on over a longer period of time.

That's all I needed to stay to start off the new year. What does make me happy is where I live. It's just amazing. And when I can take walks to the ocean and enjoy 68 degree weather in January, I can definitely feel happy. 

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