Feb 25, 2013

Where it all started

Remember when I talked about all of these changes I've been making in my life? And then I said I would talk about it and what brought me to this point, mostly for my own sake but maybe you are interested. I wrote all about The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and what a fantastic book it was- for me- and several of you told me you picked it up after I mentioned it, I'm so glad! (Now I need to read her new book Happier at Home).

And then aside from sharing my own Happiness Project, I stopped blogging about  what I've learned. But I am ready to come back to it.

It's hard to really remember the whole process of change, but the next thing that comes to mind is the blog Word of Wisdom Living. I honestly can't recall exactly how I came across it, but I was quickly intrigued. I loved the simplicity and I loved it's purpose, even though at this point I was not at all involved in the world of food and conscientious eating. I was working twice a week at the front desk of the Boys & Girls Club and there was a lot of sitting around time. I found myself looking forward to using that time to open up the blog and read back from the beginning.

Image from Word of Wisdom Living
 I realized I was learning a lot about food and health. I have always considered myself a healthy eater, but I was starting to realize that there were a lot of things I didn't know, a lot of things I could easily change, ways I could be better. This blog was motivating and informational, but definitely not pretentious or preachy. Simple. Factual. Mainly encouraging people to just eat real food and to know their food.

Image from Word of Wisdom Living

 Every week of the year a new goal was introduced, a way to make baby steps towards healthier living. I started reading when the blog was just new, now it is in it's third year and it simply repeats the same topics and goals each week, with some new additions- including more menu helps and recipes.

Image from Word of Wisdom Living
 This blog is definitely no question the thing that got me started on my path to... kind of everything else- but especially the healthier eating & living...everything else ended up stemming from that. I was always one to say things like "I've been eating ____ my whole life and I'm just fine so far so I'm not worried". How naive that sounds to me now. As I think on all of the food information I've waded through and learned since, I think back on this blog and feel how refreshing it is. No crazy extremes or fad diets. Nothing complicated or weird. Just lovely. Back to basics. I've always loved food, but I started to look at it differently, to really admire it.

Clearly I have much good to say about this blog, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is an excellent starting ground. If you do decide to check it out, I would suggest that you be sure to read the About page so that you understand the foundation for the blog and goal at which it aims. And remember, though you will miss some things by not reading all the way back, it repeats so you can just start at the beginning of this year.

Three cheers to healthier living!


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned this. I've had it recommended to me a couple times, but never dove in. I'm looking around it now and am completely intrigued.

    Thank you!

  2. I love this blog too. He's so informed and straightforward with his recommendations. I love eating well, too. I always feel so good when I come home from the store with bags full of whole foods that I know will keep my family healthy.

  3. Thanx for sharing such great information...........