Feb 27, 2013

The boy and his faces

 This kid really loves smoothies.

 Especially when they are made out of chocolate.

 He also likes making faces because it cracks us up, and he likes it when we crack up.

And this one is his new favorite...

What's up with that crazy eye? When he's not in his chair, he puts his chin to his chest and tilts his head while he gives us this look. And then he walks like a zombie.
Weirdest thing ever.
 Cracks us up every time.


  1. I laughed my butt off. That dorky fat smiley face? And then the zombie face? That kid has more personality per square inch than I thought was possible.

  2. Oh that last face is too much!!! What an awesome goofball!

  3. Love it! He's such a cheese. Are you taking video too? We've been watching home videos for a couple of days. We're all loving the remembering!!

  4. Literally BURST out laughing when that third picture came up. I have GOT to meet this kid!

  5. Look at him all handsome with his big boy haircut.

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