Sep 29, 2007

The Latest Graduate School Update

Even though my mad scientist may develop a resemblance to Albert Einstein in 50 years, I'm still proud of him. He has finally chosen which research project he will be working on for the next 5 (we hope no more) years. It will be something called Combinatorial Study of Thermal Conductivity- what that means I have no idea, but I am trying to learn. He tells me that it basically means he is looking to discover new low thermal conductivity materials, but more so trying to understand the basic mechanism driving thermal conductivity- I still don't know what that means. Oh well. This project in particular will likely send us visiting or living in China or England. Hoora for adventures!He wouldn't be one to toot his own horn that he has already won over the love of his professor, but I will because I'm excited about it. Dr. David Clark with his fabulous British accent, who you can see here, is going to buy Taylor a laptop and is giving him his Bicycle. We truly do feel blessed because we have a whole like $2 in the bank and we know that we are constantly receiving Blessings from above to keep us going. So for now, I will try and keep that hair combed.

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  1. You guys are both awesome! The blog has been so fun. I love that you both post on it. I must say though, that Taylors tour of your place gave me a kink in the neck! LOL!