Feb 11, 2008

careful what you say...

... because you don't know who's listening. Or rather, you don't know the people who you know are listening.
I am a T.A. for Materials 101, Introduction to Structure and Properties. It's a general class which all the engineering students have to take at one point or another. All of the graduate students have to help T.A. a class like this as part of our stipend.
There are six of us T.A.'s this quarter. We give review sessions, supplemental instruction blah blah blah, what they really have us for is to grade homeworks and tests. So this Friday we have to grade the midterm. The professor was kind enough to offer to buy us pizza. He asked what kind we wanted and 4 or 5 out of the 6 T.A.'s are Catholic and as part of Lent they can't eat meat on Fridays so they sadly said cheese.... vegetarian... or whatever. I however happily endorsed a big fat pepperoni pizza. The professor couldn't understand why they didn't want meat so they explained Lent to him and then he starts in on this rant about an old co-worker he once had who was mormon. The guy only became a mormon because his wife was, and then he wouldn't even drink coffee or tea! Can you believe that?! how crazy! He eagerly started to go on and explain some other mormon oddities, but before he could embarrass himself further I said flatly "I'm mormon, and I don't drink coffee or tea." Wow. The awkward silence which ensued was priceless. Truth is I could care less and I don't get offended easily but it's pretty funny to watch the panicked look spread across someone's face.

this site is really funny: Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics What's funnier still is that the information is really accurate and I often find myself referring to it for help in my Quantum and EPS classes.


  1. haha. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during that conversation. I love awkward silence, but only when I have nothing to do with the cause of it ;)
    Love you guys!

  2. Oh yeah, I've had that one happen before. Once I took a volunteer to meet a nice old lady that he was going to be visiting and apparently that day she decided that she hated catholics and went on and on about all of the ills of the Catholic church. It was only after the meeting when we got outside that I found out that my poor volunteer was Catholic...so unfortunate.

    P.S. The Brittany Spears thing really just took you (and your whole profession) to a whole level of nerdiness that I didn't really think was possible...

  3. you think that's nerdy? Just you wait til this weekend when we come visit. I have the holy grail of nerdy science things to show you.