Mar 9, 2008

Gaviota Hot Springs

Don't be grossed out that it smells like a sulfur beast that ate a rotten egg and passed gas or that it looks and feels like warm milk... Gaviota Hot Springs is a cool little place.We arrived and found two pools. One which was bubbling sulfury goodness into little foul smelling bubbles and the other which was mysteriously white.
I think I can safely say that we made the right choice in picking the bubbly one. Nobody really got in but me though (Taylor) Although Jodi did get in up to her stomach before complaining how the little bubbles formed on her otherwise invisible leg hairs much to her embarrassment. The Jeppppezen's and a mighty mugnis-son joined us. It was a good time.There was a giant jungle tree that was growing sideways.
Plus afterward we checked out Refugio Beach, Ellwood Beach and the infamous Butterfly grove, the butterflies are gone by now but it was still a really beautful Eucaliptus forest.


  1. Sorry I missed your call last night! Saturday was a lot of fun. Too bad we didn't have more people loitering around us, unwilling to admit that they were waiting for us to leave. That would have been cool. Have fun with your house guests!

  2. Bubbles on leg hairs, and smelly farts! Eewu!

  3. looks like a good time. thanks for the invite. we were in davis. next time, next time.

  4. That is hilarious about the sulufur beast eating a rotten egg and then passing gas! Nice man,