Mar 11, 2008

the ropeswing finally gets swimmers

And here are the winners!

Lusty Dan was the first to brave the cold water. 10 points for bravery, -5 points for the ridiculous way he entered the water.

Then JD went in... after some serious coaxing and practice runs. 5 points for getting in before andy or myself... but -5 for taking so long.

Andy followed with a not so impressive one armed swing. Andy didn't realize we were rolling yet, but if you listen close you'll hear him make some impressive anatomical claims. So... 10 points for the abnormal anatomy, but -5 for the sloppy old man, one arm drag into the water.

And then me with my waterproof camera. Note the chair underwater. +5 points for hanging onto the camera....

but -5 for flopping on my back to do so. Although it's embarrassing... here it is.

Now. I know we all look like sissies there... so here's JD doing something cool to make up for it. +20 points. An old man on the bridge stopped and started taking pictures. "waaaahaaa! waaaahaa! Oh it's so cold every time!!!"


  1. I think JD loses 5 points for the girly scream...and Andy should have that looked at.

  2. Not bad for a bunch of kids. Looks like a lot of fun.