Mar 5, 2008

Why did I do this again?

I try and remind myself what I was thinking when I decided to leave my great job, friends, and neighborhood in Utah and come all the way out to expensive Santa Barbara only to endure horrific pain and suffering in the process of getting my PhD.... here's some funny jokes that keep my going from the PhD comic strip site.
And my personal favorite is this one. Mostly because last night as I graded way too many problem sets where I ended up writing 16/100 on it. All the ME's and ChemE's have to take this Materials 101B course that I TA for along with 5 other poor souls. As I pondered the terrible homeworks and total lack of understanding I said "Wow, you know what's terrifying? These people are going to go on to build things like bridges, buildings, cars, missiles, elevators... you know... things that could, if they fail, end up killing me." The Taco Bell application doesn't sound like a bad suggestion after all.


  1. Keep in mind, employees at taco bell could kill people too. So if Taco Bell is staffed by failed engineers, would it be safer then to eat at your local hole-in-the-wall mexican? I kinda think so, and I found a good one in Old Town Goleta we should show you.

  2. count me in man. I LOVE mexican food. jodi... not so much. Maybe I can convince her though.

  3. I think I remember you letting me grade some of those finals once and I pretty much told people that they should consider other options...or hope they were good looking...